Terms and Conditions



Terms and Conditions
The service company
Name: eCapital.hu Kft.
Headquarters: 1062 Budapest, Aradi u. 40.
Name of Representative: Pacsika Pál
Registration certificate number: 01-09-181629
Tax number: 13836250-2-42
Bank name: CIB BANK
Bank account number: 11100506-13836250-01000003
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2. Subject of the service
Online booking system.
3. General Terms of Use
3.1. Terms of Use
3.1.1. The content of this site is accessible to all major users without registration. Online booking is free. Some services can use with registration and subscription fee.
3.1.2. Do not use any system or solution, which causes the server fail, or which endangers the operation of the website.
3.1.3. User must ensure that rights of third parties are not violated.
3.1.4. If a user violates the general conditions, then the service provider will erase all data.
3.2. Responsibility
3.2.1. The informations which can be hit on the web page only informative, which ones the service provider does not vouche a responsibility for his accuracy.
3.2.2. Service provider does not liable for any losses, damages, costs, which the Website entry into or use of any stem. Users of the Website entirely at your own risk. An exception to the fourth and 5 as indicated above.
3.2.3. Service provider does not liable for users' behavior. In such event, fully cooperate with the competent authorities in the detection of violations.
3.2.4. Pages of the service may contain links, which leads to other service providers' websites. For these data, we do not take responsibility.
3.2.5. Service provider does not liable for the content of the website and operational errors. And does not liable for defects resulting from giving the data for possible errors.
3.2.6. You agree that your use of the national provisions of the act is taken into account.
3.2.7. If the user of the website objectionable content is found, it must immediately inform the service provider.
3.3. Copyright
3.3.1. The Web site is copyrighted. The holder of the service provider displayed on the Website, not the content uploaded by users.
3.3.2. The operator of the website is all trademark (no from user) is entitled to use. The user has no right to use such trademarks.
3.4. Other provisions
3.4.1. The Service provider at any time, any changes, corrections, and perform the Site at any time to another domain which you can move it.
3.4.2. The user is given all the information consents to the storage.
4. Online booking service system of teh service provider
4.1. General provisions
4.1.1. Service packages can be ordered.
4.1.2. The purchase of service can be used in the system. Each package is different.
4.1.3. The service provides support for the user.
4.1.4. Custom packages will be provided.
4.1.5. The order is for 12 months.
4.1.6. Free services valid until recalled.
4.1.7. The price of the packages can be found in "Prices for store" menu
4.1.8. The service provider prepare EU tax invoice.
4.1.9. This contract may be terminated by e-mail.
4.2. Basic services
4.2.1. Booking system service packages detailed features of the Website "prices for stores' link available
4.3. Other services and custom solutions
4.3.1. Other services. Service provider's content and services detailed terms and conditions published on the Website
4.3.2. Custom solutions. The service provider offers individual solutions for specific date.
5. The service order and conditions of use
Registration and payment of service fees required to use the services.
5.1. Registration
5.1.1. The user can register on the "New Registration" link.
5.1.2. The user details of any changes required to modify the data sheet. The data for only the user's responsibility.
5.1.3. The user may at any time request the cancellation of registration. After the message receipt of the service provider must cancel the registration. The user information immediately after the deletion will be removed from the system. After deletion, there is no way to restore the data.
5.1.4. The service provider may cancel the registration of the user if the user is abusing another person's data.
5.1.5. The user is responsible for his confidential information.
5.1.6. If the user's password to an unauthorized person had access to, required to change your password. If the third party has abused the password, notify the service provider. These obligations for damages resulting from failure of the user's responsibility.
5.2. Service order for stores
5.2.1. You can choose service packages.
5.2.2. After registration, you can choose package.
5.3. Confirmation and contract.
5.3.1. Always confirm the order.
5.4. Custom solutions ordering
5.4.1. The custom solutions in consultation with the service provider can use.
5.5. Payment
5.5.1. Bank Transfer. The user price of ordered services must be transferred within three days of the service.
5.6. The filing of the contract
5.6.1. The website does not constitute a written contract with the contract, the service provider is not eliminated.
6. Termination of contract
6.1. If the user requests the cancellation of registration, it also means the termination of the contract. In this case, the effects of point 4.1.9 apply.
6.2. If you delete a user registration 3.1.4. or 5.1.4. will be based on points, the contract is considered terminated. The user fee paid by him is not entitled to claim.
7. Legal opportunities
7.1. Administration of complaints
User complaints to the following addresses to distribute:
Mailing Address: eCapital.hu Kft. 5600 Békéscsaba Derkovits Sor 15
Phone number: +36-70-317-8420
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
7.2. Complaints administration mode
The service of the complaint not later than 120 activities will be answered.
7.3. Other law enforcement opportunities
If a dispute between a provider and user is not settled, the following options for the user:
7.3.1. Complaints to the consumer protection authorities.
7.3.2. Conciliation Board.
7.3.3. Judicial proceedings.
8. General Terms of Use one-sided modification
8.1. The service provider may modify the General Terms of Use one-sided any time.
8.2. These General Terms and Conditions of entry into force date: 2012.01.20.
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