The importance of physical exercise can’t be emphasized enough. A lot of people still don’t pay sufficient attention to exercise. They usually cite, that they have to work too much, they don’t have the time, they will “start tomorrow’, they are too tired in the evenings and so on. But people simply have a hard time making the decision to do something. We can’t manage our time, or if we somehow can, we still divert from our own schedules, since we are unable to get ourselves to go out, and we choose the more comfortable activities: we keep sitting on the couch at home.

Have less and less people been going to your court to play squash recently? Many are neglecting physical exercise citing a lack of spare time. But if your customers had the opportunity to book appointments at anytime from anywhere, certainly more of them would take advantage of the chance. Thanks to the on-line appointment booking system they can easily fit their wall-ball games into their tight schedules.


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