Time management can be a big challenge in both small and large cosmetic salons. Unfortunately, as an owner of a salon, you know that you can not afford to gamble with time usage in your business as it is the core determinant of success. There are times that you find yourself unable to accomplish all the tasks despite working hard all day long. Thankfully, dedicated salon software can help you manage your available time effectively and maximize it for the benefit of your business. With such a program, you are also able to make crucial strategic decisions that can steer your business to success and even be able to make informed decisions.

Cosmetic salon reservation can be quite stressful especially when you appear to be disorganized and not able to schedule all the appointments that you are receiving accordingly. Good reservation software for salons will help free much of your precious time that could otherwise be difficult to control and manage effectively. The software comes with lots of useful features ranging from client appointment, employee scheduling and billing alongside other aspects of the software that are all dedicated for the welfare of your business. As if this was not enough, the salon software also has additional features which assist in integration of front office requirements with functions like inventory control and payroll.

Perhaps the major benefit that you stand to accrue from using such software in your cosmetic salon is scheduling appointments better which increases the productivity of your employees in the long run. Since you will have an exact idea of the upcoming slots and the nature of availability, you will end up wasting minimal time if any. In addition to this, integrating the software in your operations ensures that you are able to produce activity reports that are very accurate and you have no idea how this can be a big boost when managing your payroll. It eliminates the troubles of having to check the specific activities that each and everyone of your employees was undertaking that might end up wasting much of your time.

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Wellness center reception desk software is usually a fully integration and highly advanced solution that that assists in handling unique and varied dynamics that are involved in wellness centre booking. With such a solution, both small and large facilities are able to extend their performance boundaries and data management procedures which pioneers an enhanced experience enjoyed in those facilities.  Generally, you are able to deliver a perfect nutrition mix, spa, fitness, medical expertise and therapy which are balanced for achievement of a healthy and wellness lifestyle. By being able to streamline all the many aspects of wellness centre booking, it thereby gives a push to the whole center in achievement of your goals and business missions. And in the end, it is able to take customer service and satisfaction to all new levels.

If you want to introduce one of such software in the reservation system of your wellness center, you must first of all recognize that your center is different. As such, the program you use should flexible and fast enough in stimulating exploration of new directions while setting your business in a way that it is able to capture more and more revenue. There are those who run multiple centers and need personalized software that will be able to handle the all your many and varied business needs.

When it comes to reception desk software for your wellness center, you will need a feature rich program that will help you manage your appointment scheduling, attract more and new clients and increase you revenues in the long run. In this regard, you will need to enjoy the convenience and power of real-time reservation and appointment scheduler. With such a program, your business has a lot to benefit from ranging from connecting with customers in the mot professional manner, eliminating no shows that can lead your business to incur losses and most importantly, helps in maximizing your business schedule. As you run the business in the best possible way, your software will be streamlining operations while ensuring that activities at your front desk are handled in an effortless way.

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With the cosmetic industry becoming busier and busier day by day, a cosmetic salon owner must know how to adopt technology in the business to enhance operations. One of the key aspects of any cosmetic salon establishment is making reservations. Cosmetic salon reservation must be handled professionally and in the best way possible to smoothen up operations at the salon. Thankfully, salon software can help you achieve exactly this and enjoy to see your business grow and become more profitable. As far as software for solons is concerned, there are many options to consider. One of these options requires that salon owners decide on whether to buy software or use free software to manage reservations at their business.

Ideally, while it is recommended that you buy good software that you will use at your salon, there are situations when using free salon reservation software becomes unavoidable. This is more so when a salon is just starting up and have limited finances to consider buying software to use in handling reservations. In this case, it becomes quite important to know how you can find salon software that you can depend on to move your business to the next level. To start with, you will find various options out there and you will need to make an informed choice on which one to select depending on the reservation level that you need. If you are not well experienced about software that you can use, it is imperative that you opt for a basic program that is not complicated.


The highly advanced salon software options even come with a feature that notifies the employees when clients check in and check out which is still important in making you more organized. As such, employees are able to take quick and appropriate actions that help stem up customer service and productivity of the hairdressing salon. In addition, the Facebook booking software enhances accuracy of business procedures by helping you avoid errors and mistakes that can be made easily during normal conditions.


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uFIXI Ticket Booking Light is the free, event&ticket booking component for Joomla.

Features in the Light version:
-What events happen in the event name search, or selecting category.
-List of all events logos event names, locations dates, and the addresses.
-Selected for a specific event to see more detailed information, including the event description, the google maps displayed on the site, and the info booked tickets.
-Ticket booking will be able to choose how you want to book a ticket, and must specify the number of items as well.
-Joomla can be booked without registration, then only the name and e-mail address must be provided.
-With the Joomla registration to booking, after you can whenever ask your own the booked tickets.
-For the event registered people in e-mail to receive confirmation for their tickets.
-The booked tickets simply can print, from the e-mail.

-The administrator can create events and related tickets.
-Three main types of ticket of ticket type can be set in the system of free and paid, or supported. Within a given type can be set for any member of tickets.
-The event is an opportunity for participants to send a message the e-mail system.
-In addition you can send list of participants (sold tickets) at the administrator e-mail address.


UFIXI Ticket Booking Light 1.2
- UPDATE jQuery to 1.9
- jQuery bugfix
- Adding ticket administration for my tickets
- Bugfixing ticket removing.
       + Only ticket can be canceled that event has not started yet.
- Add pdf view

This extension requires registration to download.

The uFIXI Ticket Booking Pro componet is a multiple ticket booking software. In frontend everyone can upload the events and the related tickets. To the ticket booking needn't to complicated registration for users. To the booker users only need give their name and email address, for the reservation.

Features in the Pro version
Frontend for the multiple event & ticket administrator

-Creating events: The registered users can create their own events and related tickets. One step of the event and tickets to create a simple and attractive interface. Three main types of ticket of ticket type can be set in the software, of free and paid, or donation.
-Change events: The created by the user events and managing change is possible.
-Reminder events: The event is opportunity for booker users to send a message of the reservation system. For example, reminders can be sent or other important information about the connected events.
-List of registered: In addition you can send list of booker users (booked tickets) at the your registration given email address.

Frontend for the booker users
-Booker users: The tickets are simply booked or reserved, does not require complex registration.
-Booker users: The events menu it is possible to browse the generated events. Can selected category, or name to search.
-Booker users: The listed events, click on the name to see the event details and tickets can be booked, from the event. For the event registered people (booker users) in email to receive confirmation for their tickets.The booked tickets simply can print.
-Booker users: The user can get list previously booked tickets, and time, name and type of filter. (Booked tickets option can be used if done via Joomla! registration.)

Backend for the site administrator
-The administrator can create and update all events and related tickets.
-The event is an opportunity for all booker users to send a message the backend component software.
-Fee (commission) setup:
--The percentage of fee: The stated ticket price to charge certain percentage commission.
--Fixed fee: It is possible to charge a certain amount for each ticket after.
--Show fee on frontend: For booker users, the fee calculation to be visible or invisible.
-Sold tickets: Tickets can list int the system. In addition it is also possible to filter the contents, to send of the previously defined email address.


UFIXI Ticket Booking Pro 1.2
- UPDATE jQuery to 1.9
- jQuery bugfix
- Adding ticket administration for my tickets
- Bugfixing ticket removing.
+ Only ticket can be canceled that event has not started yet.
- Add pdf view

Frontend: Adding new modul connection

Simple booking, without registration. Your clients can book a time in your store. Easy, fast and no required registration.
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If you provide an event venue for conferences or other company programs, weddings, parties, exhibitions, you certainly know how important it is to your clients to be able to access your services, since the organization of such an event requires a huge amount of energy. Make online appointment booking available to your customers!


If you employ a personal trainer beside the work-out machines in your fitness centre, those who enjoy a physically active lifestyle will certainly prefer visiting your establishment, because they receive a work-out plan specifically tailored to their physique. The trainer however, is often occupied, so the visitors sometimes arrive in vain, or are forced to wait. Make on-line appointment booking possible for them, so they can book an appointment from anywhere at any time!

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