With the recent technology advancement becoming an integral aspect of a modern day business, the only way to be assured of success as a business owner is embracing technology especially if you are an internet entrepreneur. Regardless of the number of clients that your beauty salon serves, simple programs can be of great benefit especially when it comes to beauty salon reservation and point of sale. Knowing the kind of software that is suitable for you is key to the success of your business. They help in management of various responsibilities which in turn streamlines the way you attend and serve your clients. The good news is that there is a simple criterion that you can take advantage of to make the best decision on the most appropriate software for your enterprise.

Know your specific requirements
The choice of solution software must coincide with your specific requirements and there is no two ways about this. At least, this is the only way that you can reap maximum benefits from the software and make it fully integrated in your business. So, before you go about hunting for the various software programs available online, you need to take a moment and draft all your needs and then ascertain how the program can help you satisfy them. As such, you will want to consider the specific features associated with the software and determine how they are applicable to your business.

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Simply booking system for cosmetic salons. Good salon software will also benefit the inventory aspect of your salon business. In this case, it becomes quite easy to plan for inventories depending on appointments being made by the customer. Besides, it is also possible for the salon staff to track used inventory at the salon. This mostly includes how certain hair products like shampoo or pomade are being used in order to determine the viability of the business and profits being generated. This helps the salon management to avoid cases where the reservations or clients expected exceed the planned supplies which could harm the image of the salon in addition to causing customer dissatisfaction.

The uFIXI Ticket Booking Pro componet is a multiple ticket booking software. In frontend everyone can upload the events and the related tickets. To the ticket booking needn't to complicated registration for users. To the booker users only need give their name and email address, for the reservation.

Features in the Pro version
Frontend for the multiple event & ticket administrator

-Creating events: The registered users can create their own events and related tickets. One step of the event and tickets to create a simple and attractive interface. Three main types of ticket of ticket type can be set in the software, of free and paid, or donation.
-Change events: The created by the user events and managing change is possible.
-Reminder events: The event is opportunity for booker users to send a message of the reservation system. For example, reminders can be sent or other important information about the connected events.
-List of registered: In addition you can send list of booker users (booked tickets) at the your registration given email address.

Frontend for the booker users
-Booker users: The tickets are simply booked or reserved, does not require complex registration.
-Booker users: The events menu it is possible to browse the generated events. Can selected category, or name to search.
-Booker users: The listed events, click on the name to see the event details and tickets can be booked, from the event. For the event registered people (booker users) in email to receive confirmation for their tickets.The booked tickets simply can print.
-Booker users: The user can get list previously booked tickets, and time, name and type of filter. (Booked tickets option can be used if done via Joomla! registration.)

Backend for the site administrator
-The administrator can create and update all events and related tickets.
-The event is an opportunity for all booker users to send a message the backend component software.
-Fee (commission) setup:
--The percentage of fee: The stated ticket price to charge certain percentage commission.
--Fixed fee: It is possible to charge a certain amount for each ticket after.
--Show fee on frontend: For booker users, the fee calculation to be visible or invisible.
-Sold tickets: Tickets can list int the system. In addition it is also possible to filter the contents, to send of the previously defined email address.


UFIXI Ticket Booking Pro 1.2
- UPDATE jQuery to 1.9
- jQuery bugfix
- Adding ticket administration for my tickets
- Bugfixing ticket removing.
+ Only ticket can be canceled that event has not started yet.
- Add pdf view

Frontend: Adding new modul connection

If you work as a private lesson provider your students certainly remind you of your own student years, and how difficultly someone would take up a task when it was about studying. Equally as a child, in high-school or later in college as well as in adulthood when someone would like to acquire new skills, the most difficult part is to start something up, later it just goes on by itself. But exactly because of this a lot of people don’t even embark upon studying, even though they are fully aware, that they need that specific knowledge, for example the deeper understanding of a language, for their work.

The knowledge of languages is indispensable nowadays, still a lot of people don’t even make the effort to enrol in a language school and learn English, German, Spanish or Chinese. It is certain, that more people would attend courses if they could immediately see which times are available, and they could even book an appointment on-line by Facebook. Make this opportunity accessible for your potential clients!


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