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uFIXI - Booking system -

How to book an appointment

  • The online appointment booking system is FREE

    You can book without you register, in this case you must fill the following fields: Name, Phone and E-mail address.

    You can register here to book an appointment, by registration you can book conveniently, manage your bookings and favorites stores.

    The booking will be final if the store confirms it. You can later cancel your booking appointment.


    How to book step-by-step:

    • Click Appointment booking menu
    • In the field MESSAGE TO THE BOOKINGS you can give a message for the stores
    • Please select a CITY
    • Please select a STORE, where you want to have resort to resource
    • Please select a RESOURCE, to where you want to book
    • Please choose the DATE by click the calendar icon
    • Please select the TIMESLOT in the select box
    • Book the selected appointment by click the BOOK NOW
    • We will send immediately an E-MAIL with the details of bookings

    If there is any question, please seek out our customer service!


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