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The online appointment booking system is FREE

You can book without you register, in this case you must fill the following fields: Name, Phone and E-mail address.

You can register here to book an appointment, by registration you can book conveniently, manage your bookings and favorites stores.

The booking will be final if the store confirms it. You can later cancel your booking appointment.


How to book step-by-step:

  • Click Appointment booking menu
  • In the field MESSAGE TO THE BOOKINGS you can give a message for the stores
  • Please select a CITY
  • Please select a STORE, where you want to have resort to resource
  • Please select a RESOURCE, to where you want to book
  • Please choose the DATE by click the calendar icon
  • Please select the TIMESLOT in the select box
  • Book the selected appointment by click the BOOK NOW
  • We will send immediately an E-MAIL with the details of bookings

If there is any question, please seek out our customer service!


In My bookings menu you can see your appointment bookings. If you think you can cancel it, too.

By defualt the start day is today, so you can see the upcoming bookings. If you want to see your bookings in the past, then choose the day in the Date filter by click on the first calendar icon, from which you want to display the bookings. If you want to display bookings in a choosen interval, it is not enough to choose the start date, you must choose the end date, too. You can do this to by click on the second calendar icon.

It is possible to filter booking by status. To this you select in the right-top corner the status from the select box, and in this case you will see bookings which are in the choosen status.

You can cancel your booked appointment here, too. In the list you will see a Cancel now link before the status. On click this link you can cancel your booking.

The booking will be final if the store confirms it. You can later cancel your booking appointment.


When you book an appointment, you will receive an e-mail, in which you can find a cancellation code (at the end). This code contains letters and numbers. To cancel the booking you can copy the cancellation code to the field above or simply click the cancellation code (it is a link). After you copy it you click Cancel booking button to cancel the booking. You can cancel your appointment booking here.

In My favorite stores menu is the list of stores, which you add to your favorites before. With this opportunity you can book easier and faster to stores, to where you go often or the shop assistant is friendly, etc...

To add a new favorite store you must book an appointment to the stores, and before you book you must check the Add to my favorites checkbox above the Book now button.

In My favorite stores menu you can click on the name of stores, it is a link to the booking screen. By click on one of the favorites you will go to the booking screen, where the favorite store was selected already, you only have to select the resource (and maybe service) and the timeslot when you want to go. Click here to see How to book.

In Favorites management menu you can see a list like in My favorite stores. But there is a different, here you can not only click and book, but you can remove stores from your favorites. To remove you must check the box before the choosen store, and just click on the Delete checked button.

In Edit Account menu you can modify your account informations. In our appointment booking system can you choose between different registrations: 1. if you do not have a store and you just want to book an appointment, then you can choose a simple account, 2. if you have a store, you can register your store where you offer services.

1. Users

For users the following fields are required:
- Name: enter your name
- E-mail: enter your e-mail address
- Phone number: enter your phone number
- Password: enter your new password
- Verify password: enter your password again

2. Stores

For stores the following fields are required:
- Name: enter your name
- E-mail: enter your e-mail address
- Password: enter your new password
- Verify password: enter your new password again
- Store/Enterprise billing name: enter your store's billing name
- Store/Enterprise billing ZIP code: enter your store's billing ZIP code
- Store/Enterprise billing city: enter your store's billing city
- Store/Enterprise billing address: enter your store's billing address

If you finished you can click Save button to store your changes.

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