Tennis court reception system

Tennis is a rather popular sport, especially among the more well to do layer of society. But there are many who still don’t worship their passion as often as they would like to – most commonly citing a lack of spare time. Save a bit of time for your customers, make the booking of appointments as simple as possible, so as many people as possible will come and play on your court! Using on-line appointment booking is very easy. Whoever is interested simply gives his name, phone number and e-mail address, chooses the time suitable for him from the calendar and sends in the completed form.

The reception software automatically sends out a verification e-mail, which contains the most important information of the appointment, in this way the customer will certainly not forget for what time he booked the appointment. So tennis court appointment booking is fast, simple, nothing is necessary for it, but a computer, a smart-phone, internet, a spare minute and a few clicks. We can book appointments night and day, we don’t need to conform to business hours, we don’t need to go to the scene, on top of that we don’t even need to make a phone call. We can take care of the appointment booking from home, sitting in an armchair and even from our work place during lunch-brake. And if in the meantime some urgent business comes up, we can cancel the appointment and book another one instead.

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