Rent office with online booking system

If you rent office and retail space to various businesses, you can make your potential clients’ jobs easier, if you make the opportunity of on-line booking available to them. In this way they don’t need to call and inquire at several places, about when space is available, since they can immediately see the accessible times. In order to make use of on-line appointment booking your clients only need a computer and the internet, and the appointment booking can be taken care of with a few clicks. They only need to type their names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses in the form, then select a time suitable for them from the calendar, and that’s it.

The booking software automatically sends out a verification e-mail with the most important information of the appointment, so it’s guaranteed, that the client won’t forget for what date he booked the office. Moreover, he can book an appointment from anywhere, at any time and he doesn’t even need to conform to the business hours of the provider and the booking doesn’t cost him a penny, not even the price of a phone call. You can be certain, that more people will choose you if your services are available faster and more simply, then those of your competitors, and they can even conclude the booking contract on-line. A further advantage of on-line booking is that the client can cancel or change the booking at any time, if his plans turn out differently in the meantime.

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